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Pa? Look at me now

Thanks to Sam Hochevar, Mike Culig and Chris Kiefer we now have a place for our furnace, water heater, pumps, lifting station, and tools too.

Patty's future plan? How bout if we put a wine cellar here too? We will divide it up so the mechanical room is back. We'll lower the floor and turn it into a shop with wine racks and a pub table too.

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Aww...super neat to see the "support rocks" dad and I did in...oh, about 1983sh. At first he wanted the front wall of rocks, now maybe 3feet high to goto that main 4x12 support. As we soon realized, this would have been way too much, and it would have needed to be about 6-feet wide at the bottom!! So, we instead did what we did, and that is to only goto the main support there on the phone poles.

Me gusta
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